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Installing Ubuntu Next to Windows

Ever finding yourself wanting to use Windows one day then wishing you could use Linux Ubuntu 9.04+ another. If you have about 20gigs to spare this should be more then enough to get up and running with this OS. Before you make a commitment to using Ubuntu try out the Ubuntu LiveCD first to make sure this OS works with your computer hardware this will let you decide if you want to go though countless nights of driver customization for unsupported hardware. You may think it is difficult to setup a dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu in actuality it is a piece of cake because Ubuntu 9.04+ will automatically do all the work for you. All that is required by you is to select the size you want the Ubuntu partition to be the windows partition. In This example Windows 7 Beta was installed first and has a partition size of 100% of the hard drive (You will have the same results with Windows XP & Windows Vista). Then Ubuntu 9.04 was installed on the same hard drive next to windows.

1) Select "Install them side by side" then size your partition. I have a 250 gigabyte hard drive so I chose split it 116gb for Windows and 116 for Ubuntu.

2) Once you Continue you cant go back!

3) Resizing takes under 20 minutes for my scenario.

4) Installing Ubuntu takes about 10 minutes.

5) Its Done.... Was that easy, or what!!!

6) When system boots you can choose from Ubuntu or Windows.

7) Have fun!

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