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27 Year Old PC Case Fan

I was inspired to write this article when my PC case fan went out for the second time. I built this PC in 2001 and it is still one of my main computers for email and web browsing. Anyway out of the blue my video card started crashing over and over I thought it was the end of the road and off to the bone pile until I opened the case to have a peak inside. What I found was a dead 120mm case fan completely frozen up it was actually a little tough to turn the fan blades with my fingers. I said "cool the PC is not dead its just overheating"... I ended up going to Fry's Electronics and bought a new 120mm fan for $25 it took about 5 minutes to mount the fan and I was back up and running, good to go, happy days yeah... Well, I though for sure I was good to go for a wile but no longer then a month later I started having the same problem. I popped open the case and sure enough the fan was dead, frozen up solid. What a waist of 25 bucks I thought. I actually had a box of scrapped components in the attic, which, I saved from my dads office laser printer from 1982. Why you may ask I still have this stuff from 27 years ago... I don't know probably because the stuff looks like some quality components and probably are. Well I ended up finding a 120mm fan but it was 24 volts dc at .08 amps being an electronic pack-rat that I am I ended up finding a wall transformer in another box that output 30 volts dc at .25 amps. So I ended up MacGyvering it up and after all said and done my good old PC is back up and running. I'm betting this 27 year old fan outlasts the rest of the computer.


New age piece of junk silent trash. Worked for about a month then froze up. It is a SilenX IXP-74-14T 120mm Case Fan - Retail.

27 year old fan from an ancient old laser printer. This fan seems to be a very high quality fan I did not search any further then google and could not find out much about it. I did see similar model 109E1224H102 at this surplus web store for $10. The blade seems to spin for ever once power is removed and it is surprisingly quite for how much air it moves has to be about 2 time as much as the one above which produces 74cfm so I'm thinking this old beast moves about 150 cfm.

Here is the 27 year old fan installed with a 30vdc external power supply attached. The external power supply was kind of a bummer because the fan will stay on when the computer is off. Having a external supply is not to big of a deal for me because I never seem to shut this computer down, but it all attaches to a power strip so if I have to shut it all down I just have to hit the power off button on the strip. I could always put a tiny 12 volt relay in the box if I wanted to to shut off and turn on with the computer power. Maybe I'll do that one weekend just for fun.

In the future I just might be ordering my fans from a surplus store such as this one www.surplussales.com instead of buying these new age led flashing pieces of junk fans from this new hip manufactures. Just so you know this surplus store does have 12 volt fans which will work much better for this situation I just used what I had on hand.

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