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HTPC Ground Up
Article Index
HTPC Ground Up
The Box - A close look at the HTPC case
Looking Inside - A look at all the internal components that make up a HTPC
Case Mods - Optional modification to the case
User Input - Devices for you to use to control your HTPC while sitting on your couch
Its New Home - The final resting place for the new HTPC
Parts List - A list of parts from newegg.com which make up the HTPC build
The Software - Information on Operating sytem and programs that drive your system

I have been addicted to alternate forms of media in the home ever since I started working on Qualcomm's MediaFlo project in 2002 which involved streaming video content to cell phones. The Tivo which was the pioneer into the digital market venture bringing easy to manage digital video to the palm or your hand. Now every content provider has their flavor of DVR's & PVR's. The latest new form of television medium that is quickly taking off is online content. Hulu aired it first commercial during the 2009 Superbowl advertising prime time television streams available from their site. Sites such as Hulu, Youtube, and TV.com are providing standard television programming content for online viewing. Now with all this content online others find ways of delivering it to you. A few of the popular ones in no particular order are XBMC, Boxee, Playon, and Tversity.

It is not all what it seems though. Hulu took the first defensive move to set the stage that Boxee, Playon, and Tversity along with others are violating their terms of use. So be warned when looking into spending money and building your setup that this rich stream of media can be taken away without notice. This very scenario very much reminds me of the time when music started to become very popular online then it began to get out of hand with massive amounts of music pirating using programs like Napster in 2000. But looking at the music industry now I think these file sharing programs give them a huge boost into the new age basically the driving creation behind the hugely successful ipod, and itunes. So lets hope this time with the video internet media err thriving the video industry does not destroy these wonderful technologies such as XBMC, Boxee, Playon, and Tversity.

Manufactures are just beginning to come out with all sorts of media set-top boxes most of which are very limited. This is changing very quickly and before you know it there will be settop boxes that are fully featured working with every kind of internet stream available. In the mean time while we wait for this ultimate box you can build one for your self now, it will just take some patients and a lot of know how. You may even feel like throwing your box out the window when tyring to work around the nuances and bugs that make setting up a HTPC very difficult for some. With that said lets spend some time looking at whats under the cover of one of these HTPC setups.

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